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About Our Group

We Believe.

We believe that God created life and instilled in humanity a spirit that will live beyond this life. We believe He desires a relationship with all of His children, and has given us the freedom to choose whether or not we will follow Him.  To give us understanding of who He is and what He desires of us, He provided a guide book called the Bible.  In it, He reveals His plan to bring us into a relationship with Him.   We believe that Jesus is God's Son, and gave Himself as a sacrifice for all humanity as part of God's plan, providing a pathway to eternal life with God for those who choose to follow.


There are many other truths about life that each of us can learn by reading God's word but we believe  the most important is how we can have a relationship with our Creator.  Once we have entered that relationship, He asks us to share what we know with others, so that all humanity can have opportunity to accept His invitation to eternal life.

If you have questions about our beliefs, please call or email us and we would be happy to show you what we believe and why we believe it.  No pressure, just respectful conversation about the meaning of life, love, and where we all fit in.

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